Game/Tournament Openings

2020-21 Game/Tournament Needs 

Single Game(s) Requests
Allan Hancock looking for a single game, November 13-14, home or away. Provides home game stats. A reciprocated game must be guarenteed. Email Tyson Aye or call 949-400-5968.
Cabrillo looking for home-and-home series, willing to travel if game is returned the following year. Available dates — November 7-11, November 28-29, December 14-19, and December 30. No in-game stats, but game will be live streamed. Willing to reciprocate games the following year. Email James Page or call 831-212-2260  
Citrus looking for a home and away game — either November 21, November 25 or multiple December dates possible. Provide in-game stats and live streams home games. A reciprocated game must be guarenteed. Email Brett Lauer or call 925-286-7085.
Copper Mountain looking for a single game, November 20-21. Will reciprocate the game the following season. Does not offer in-game stats. Email Walter Parham or call 775-301-8634.   

Cuesta looking for a single away game Thanksgiving weekend. Needs game to be reciprocated the following season. Email Rusty Blair or call  (805) 471-6161.
Fullerton looking for single games, either home or away, Oct 30-31 and November 17-21. Provides in-game stat keeping and willing to reciprocate games the following year. Email Perry Webster or call 949-212-9679.  
looking for single games the weeks of Nov.16, Nov. 23, Dec.1 and Dec. 21. Will to host or travel. Email Vigen Jilizian or call 818-437-4248. Provides in-game stats and will to reciprocate games.
Lassen looking for games in early December. Would like to host and then reciprocate the games the following season. In-game stats are not provided. Email Will Freeman or call 310-866-0573.
Monterey looking for single games, dates and location open. Games need to be reciprocated the following season. In-game stats are not provided at home games. Email Blake Spiering or call 831-277-7040.
Reedley looking for a single game, November 4-7 at home. Will reciprocate the game the following season. No in-game stats offered. Email TJ Jennings or call 916-501-0557.     
Saddleback looking for a single game, either home or away on November 7 or November 21. Willing to reciprocate the game the following season. Offer in-game stats. Email Andy Ground or call 714-309-6847.
San Jose City looking for single games for the 2020-21 season. Dates are open, please email Devin Aye or call 510-332-0939. San Jose Citry does not offer in-game stats and reciprocating games will be addressed.
Santa Barbara lookign for a single game, home or away, November 2-13 or after January 1. Provides in-game stats and willing to reciprocate game the following season. Email Devin Engebretsen or call 916-384-7181.
Shasta looking for a single home game between December 29 and January 3. Does not offer in-game stats; willing to reciprocate game the following season. Email Kele Fitzhugh at 530-515-8916. 
Yuba looking for single games for the month of December, home or away. Willing reciprocate any home games the following season. Email Doug Cornelius or call 916-207-4667.
Tournament Openings 
Allan Hancock looking for one team for its Holiday Classic, December 28-30. In-game stats provided, hospitality room and teams will be treated to a Santa Maria style BBQ dinner after first-night games. Affordable hotels in Santa Maria or Pismo Beach. Email Tyson Aye or call 949-400-5968. 

 looking for one team for its round-robin Renegade Classic, November 20-21. Tournament offers in-game stats. Email Rich Hughes or call 805-714-3060. Hotel rooms are cheap and entry fee is small.

Cabrillo looking for one team for its bracketed Saltwater Classic, December 4-6. Teams confirmed — Butte, Columbia, ARC, Folsom Lake, San Mateo, Napa, Cabrillo. No in-game stats; coaches hospitality room. Email James Page or call 831-212-2260.

Chabot looking for two teams for a three-day bracketed tournament, November 6-7. Other participating teams include Porterville, Alameda, Shasta, Feather River, West Hills, Chabot. Tournament will offer in-game stats, hosptality room, video highlights, trophies, all-tournament awards and t-shirts. Email Keenan McMiller or call 510-484-5199.
Fresno City looking for one team for its round-robin Fresno City Classic, November 13-14. Committed teams include Fresno City, Sequoias and Sierra. In-game stats availability to be determined. Email Nicholas Podesta or call 916-837-4812.
49th Annual Grossmont Invitational (December 4-6) — bracketed tournament has an opening for one team. Other participants include: SD City, Palomar, LA Southwest, Moorpark, Grossmont, Palo Verde, LA Trade Tech. In-game stats and hospitality room for coaches is provided. Email Doug Weber or call 619-609-6820.
Los Angeles Southwest looking for four teams for its bracketed Intensity Classic, December 17-19. LA Southwest and Santa Ana confirmed as participants. In-game stats and hospitality room provided. Email Trina Riley or call 310-977-4833 or 310-242-7140.
Napa Valley looking for a team for its bracketed Napa Valley Classic, November 21-22. De Anza, Foothill, Napa confirmed. In-game stats provided and a hospitality room for coaches. Email Steve Ball or call 707-529-1734.
MiraCosta lookinf for one team for its January 2-3 Clete Adelman Crossover event. Tournament offers in-game stats and hospitality room. Email Ryan Frazer or call 661-3175228.
Modesto looking for two teams for its 83rd Modesto Tournament, December 10-12, bracketed tournament. Hospitality room available, but no in-game stats. Email Mike Girardi or call 209-756-0302.
Redwoods looking for up to three teams for its round-robin Tregs Classic, December 3-5. Committed teams include Shasta, Southwestern Oregon, Mendocino, Sierra, Redwoods. No in-game stats, hospitality room and pizzas for each team after first game. Email Ryan Bisio or call 707-499-0186.
San Diego Miramar looking for three teams for its bracketed Don Gehler Memorial, November 5-7. Following colleges are confirmed San Diego Miramar, Barstow, LA Pierce, Rio Hondo, Mira Costa. In-game stats, hospitality room, awards, t-shirts and meals. Email Nick Gehler or call 760-960-1397.
San Francisco looking for two teams for its Tip-off Classic, November 1-2. In-game stats provied and a hospitality room for coaches. Email Justin Labagh or call 415-577-7019.
San Jose City looking for four teams for the Coach Carr Classic, a round-robin event, December 17-19. Hospitality room, but no in-game stats. Email Devin Aye or call 510-332-9039.
Santa Ana looking for one team for its Dana Pagett Tipoff. The round-robin event will tipoff either October 29 or the 30th. Other teams committed include Santa Ana, Santiago Canyon, Golden West, Long Beach City, SD Mesa. In-game stats and hospitality room offered. Email David Breig or call 562-714-9514.
Sequoias looking for one team for its round-robin Sequoias Classic, December 18-19. In-game stats provided. Committed teams include Sequoias, San Francisco, Fresno City, Cerritos and Ventura. Email Dallas Jensen or call 408-623-6209.
Shasta looking for one team for its bracketed Shasta Tournament, November 19-21. Shasta, Cabrillo, Siskiyous, American River, Chabot, Merritt, Santa Rosa currently committed. No in-game stats, but three officials per game and coaches hospitality room. Email Kele Fitzhugh at 530-515-8916.
Sierra looking for two teams for its George Goto Tip Off Classis, October 30-31. Possibility to in-game stats, hospitality room and participation t-shirts. Subway, Jersey Mikes, Chick-fil-A, and Golden Corral team discounts. Hotel and eating establishments within a mile of campus. Email John Fusano or call 916-208-3044. 
West Hills-Lemoore looking for one team for its eight-team, round-robin Round Ball Classic, November 12-14. Coaches hospotality room, t-Shirts and All-Classic team. Committed teams include Bakersfield College, Chaffey College, Hartnell College, LA Trade Tech College, Modesto College, Reedley College, West Hills College Lemoore. Email Donnye Ross or call 916-806-0413.    
West Los Angeles looking for two teams for its bracketed Wild West Shootout, December 3-5. Committed teams include Long Beach City, LA Valley, Barstow, West LA. In-game stats provided as well as a hospitality room.